Public Secrets

by Jan Jakob

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Nach langem Komponieren, Texten und Aufnehmen ist jetzt endlich mein erstes Album fertig. Es heißt „Public Secrets“! Warum der Name? - Ich hab festgestellt, dass die Geheimnisse, die Antworten nach denen wir suchen meistens wenig kompliziert sind. Das will man nicht so einfach verstehen. Aber dafür habe ich hier die Texte zum nachvollziehen. Viel Spaß beim Durchhören!


released April 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Jan Jakob Hanover, Germany

Musik wie eine Reise im Wohnmobil mit deinen besten Freunden, Jack Johnson und Johnny Cash. Entspannt. Komfortabel. Für alle Bedürfnisse ist gesorgt. Draußen fegt eine interessante Landschaft nach der anderen an dir vorbei und wenn du von der Schönheit übermannt wirst, hältst du an und verweilst. Jetzt ist erstmal Brotzeit. Aber wie bei allen Abent .....weiter auf ... more

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Track Name: Gasoline

You know
An engine is constructed to go on gasoline
Possibly the engine breaks
If you give it diesel

You know
A human heart is constructed to go on God
Possibly the heart will break
If it goes on something else
Cause a human heart is his design

We sat in a small tidy bar
Drinking white beer in a jar
Talkin` chitchattin` `bout this `n that
When Simon raised his voice

“Tell me buddies:

“Well, hmm, interesting
Luck is party
Luck is friends
Luck is family
Luck`s romance
The concentration on yourself
Luck is money

“I tried on money – money is allright
And then party – somehow left me unsatisfied
My health – faces cancer
Buddha – had no answer
My wife – fucked another
Friends – went undercover

The concentration on myself
Is a concentration on a mess
My family is bunch of hatred”
Somebody says: “Just enjoy the moment”
“The moment is SHIT
So do you know what luck is?
At least a bit?
Track Name: Two Stories
Two Stories

The doctor went to his bed
Compassionately he said
“A tumor seven inches”

A Chemotherapy
No effect made it desperately
So he laid this weapon down and prayed

The family came together
To bring their concern before Christ
And in addition a natural treatment
Honestly - hope for improve was small
Oh wow, eleven weeks till the doctor mumbles
“There`s no more cancer at all”

My uncle got up last night
And had a feeling inside
That he should pray for his nephew Ede

He wrote an email to see
If all is fine with Ede
The response – A Story amazing of last night

Ede drove in a car in Haiti
With a friend sittin` at his side
Their bodies stayed unaffected
Their bodies just got no harm at all
When a horse ran onto the road
So that the car smashed its powerful ass
Track Name: I Found Gold
I Found Gold

You hold my fortune in your hands
And I`m happy how it went
Now you got me on my knees

Right, what I need you will provide
Of that conviction I`ll remain
That I`ll be always on your side

The lot, that you gave to me by birth
Is my favorite on this earth
Now you got me on my knees

By the sea
By the side
Believe it young and old
In the corner
Down the road
I really found gold
By the sea
By the side
Believe it young and old

The lot, that you gave to me by birth
Is my favorite on this earth
Now you got me on my knees

I found gold
Now you got me on my knees
I found gold
In the last corner down the road
Track Name: Zero Zero
Zero Zero

When I gave a concert
When the people were amazed
When somebody told me I was great
When I then compared myself to people all around
It raised in my an arrogance I hate

Zero zero is of me
Really zero now I see
Body music talents family food and health´s of you
Step by step Lord help me learn
Every single coin I earn
Simply needs a “Thank you” in return

A look into the mirror makes it clear:
I do look good
“Good guy! Well done! You made everything allright!”
Deeper deeper sliding down to thoughts I can`t control
Far away, so far away from yours
Track Name: Sydney

When I was in Sydney
I had no orientation at all
Neither had I money
When someone tapped on my shoulder
“Can I help you, mister?”, a bagger asked
Who finally became my friend
We sat and talked for hours
Twenty dollars I gave and left

The master said that if you give...
…you`ll be given
Even ten times of what you gave
And here`s my prove
Which is for real
How friendly is our master

And as I passed Hilton
There were two Lebanese guys at a car
They wore golden bracelets
A silver watch and a big black Porsche
Oh, before I knew it
I was sitting in their car
To be driven around
They found me a hotel
Payed the night and drove away
Track Name: Drive

Oh my father
Bless my life
Rain and be my drive
Well I wished
You`d let me grow
Wished to play your show
Come on – you`ve got power
(1.Chronicles 4,10)

Don`t wanna reduce you down to my level
My level is small believe – so please increase
I gotta learn once more from you – so I step onto your side

Can you please bless my life?
Can you please let me grow?
May I please play your show?
Track Name: Explosion Song
Explosion Song

I`m on my way to find a girl
I`m on my way on heavy road
A shining diamond must be `round
No idea where my journey`s gonna stop

Sometimes it seems like I have found it
Like even love-angles-surrounded
Sometimes it seems my destination
Is a place that I will never reach

One day I`ll wake up beside two eyes
A beauty look – no need to disguise
I`ll wipe the sweetest cheek

A mix of perfume flowers and sweat
A sweeter smell than I ever had
And I`ll be trying to reach the stars

I`m on my way to find a soul mate
I`m on my way on heavy road
But when I found my one
-Believe it-
A single kiss and I certainly explode
Track Name: Agathe Bauer
Agathe Bauer

Six o`clock in morning
When the sun is up to interrupt
My lovely dreams lovely scenes
Tell me: What do I do?

Why should I stay in bed bed
And play a lazy cat cat
I just turn the music on
I rather dance all over the room

The song diddelong
Gets me on the highest tone
I belong to the party type of person

The neighbor`s getting` angry
Sleepin` like a baby
But why do I care?
I party

Turn the music louder!!

Eight o`clock
Get Red Bull shock
Get a hot hot shower
Agate Bauer

Hannover main station
Feel the good vibration
And music in my ears – no fears
Cause I am dancing

I feel like on a party
Singing “uppersodie”
And the people all around
Are just moving to the sound

I got the joy
I got the joy
I got the joy
I got the joy
I got the heavenly joy joy in my heart

Turn the music louder!!